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About Us


NFID  is a wholly integrated company engaged ,for the past 20 years,in the design,Manufacture,and production/implementation/Execution of Modular and customized thing pertaining to every
requirement ,context and budget.

Our operations are engaged in continual upgrading ,research ,material improvisation and study.
This has enabled us to strengthen our core areas of –
Design as per client requirements.
Electrical appliances for furniture\’s.

Our Specialties:

We specially do all types of furniture of :

    Living room
    Children room

About Company Showrooms:
NFID Customers have the luxury of selecting their furniture layout and design at our showrooms.

In a fast  expanding metro,furniture design is flourishing as a lifestyle parameter and sign of good living.
It is no wonder that footfalls at our showroom  are followed by prompt site visits by our staff and converted into budget friendly House.